Branding has never been so important! The need to stand out amongst the crowd is essential, especially if it is necessary for your line of work. However, some people are finding it hard to be singular and unique for a number of reasons

But if you are keen on dressing up to yourself, then you can start off with these following steps:


  1. Identify your persona and lifestyle

The first order of business is to know and identify your personality. You have to ask yourself, what are the looks and styles you would like people to remember you with and do these styles speak of your personality. You may need the help of a professional image stylist to help you build your personal image. This person would probably ask you questions about yourself, the dress that you are comfortably wearing and your day-to-day activities. To make it more visual for you, look for photos and inspirations.


  1. Declutter your closet

Once you determine your personal style, it is time for you to eliminate the pieces in your closet that is not a match to your agreed styling. This is also to prevent you from wearing the wrong clothes in the future. Based on the inspiration that you have, pick and sort the garments that would remain and boxed apparels that will be either thrown or donated. You can even get some pennies from it by having a garage sale.


  1. Pick pieces smartly

Since you already know what your personal style is, you can now be more confident on buying key pieces for your wardrobe.  When you buy dresses online Dubai-based or not, see how it will fit on your everyday wardrobe, but not losing your unique fashion statement. Take time on selecting your clothes so you will not regret your decision when you buy it. You can still consult with your stylist if you are having doubts.

  1. Revamp your accessories

A change of wardrobe requires a change in accessories. Your old accessories might not work given your new styling. Invest on new accessories that complements your clothing style. Do not go overboard with your accessories. It might ruin the whole look.


  1. Bring out that confidence

Now that you have identified your own fashion statement, embrace it fully. Do not be afraid to wear your personality and stand out from the crowd. Your confidence will only make that look even more gorgeous.

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