Being an influencer can be a lucrative career. By being knowledgeable one or more niche and gaining followers, you will be sought out by companies and marketers to promote their brand.


But this does not happen overnight. Some influencers worked hard to gain respect of their followers and spend nights developing their image online. Influencers marketing Dubai professionals knows how hard it ease, and they are giving some tips for beginners who aspire to be a great digital influencer in the future:


  • Invest on creating your public

Creating content might be a way to attract new audience. However, if you are just starting on this business, you need to build your audience first. To start with, you can follow like-minded individuals on your social media accounts along with posting content on a daily basis. This would connect you to different sorts of audiences that would likely to connect with you as well. Connecting with other influencers would build a strong database and improve your creativity in the social media world.


Another thing that you can do is to boost your posted content so you can widen your reach. Some influencers are boosting posts on their Facebook page not only to spread the word but also gain followers on their pages. Do these things regularly until the organic following starts to increase. Even then, you need to continue connecting with other to increase probability of collaboration.


  • Churn out content regularly

As mentioned, content is king when we are talking about the social media space. You need to create different forms of content that would engage your audience – from post, blogs, videos, etc. Sticking to one form of content might bore your audience. Excite and enthuse them with topics in different forms and be creative with it. Some influencers are keen on adding humor to their content as a way to attract more audience and go viral. Find your strength when creating content and utilize all forms and equipment to churn out quality, shareable content.


  • Make a good editorial calendar

Depending on your niche, you need to systematize your content creation and posting so you will not get lost in turns of creating and sharing content. Plot and create your content a month in advance so you can be sure you have scheduled posts and content on strategic days. Vary your posting so the audience have variety as well in terms of reading content. But be flexible with your calendar as well. Provide and allot days for current event and be prepared to change them if something important came up. You can post some random things but not too random that you will derail your whole content plan and do it sparingly.



  • Engage

One way to maintain the audience that you have to keep on engaging them, not just with content. Take time to plot something for them that would make you interact with them. It can be a contest, a poll, or posting a question that pique their interest. Be creative and explore options to engage them.


  • Be good boy/girl in social media

One way to break an image is doing something offensive and it only takes one share to ruin an image. So be careful on what you are posting on social media. Think very hard before posting controversial issues.


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