Fleets and company cars are essential to any company’s operations. Without these vehicles, it would be hard for company personnel to go from one meetings to another and deliveries would be delayed due to lack of vehicles at disposal.

That is why fleet owners and company managers should take it upon themselves to maintenance these vehicles and ensure that they are on top condition always. Here are some of the tips that managers can follow:


Consider car tinting

Car tinting is quite popular to personal vehicles, but business owners can also have their company vehicles tinted for added protection. For one, it can protect the interiors of the car from direct sunlight, especially of the interior is made of leather. It can also protect drivers and passengers from UV rays and from prying eyes that wants to peep and observe the insides of your company car. You can check with a trusted window tinting Dubai supplier what would be the best tint for your company vehicles.


Invest on vehicle stickers

A lot of fleet managers frown upon the use of vehicle stickers for their fleet cars. Probably due to the misconception that it might ruin the integrity of the paint. But on the contrary, it can help protect the paint and coating of the vehicles from sunlight and harsh elements like pollutants. It can also be used for branding and promotion purposes. With regards to the type of stickers being uses, vehicle branding companies use quality vehicle stickers and adhesives that does not ruin car paints.


Create a maintenance checklist

Every car fleet company should have a maintenance checklist that is distributed amongst drivers. It is for them to check if there are anything serious regarding the car’s condition that needed to be checked right away. This is also to monitor which of the vehicles used be discarded due to its irreparable condition.


Provide proper parking space

Since fleet companies have lots of vehicles at your disposal, you need to have a bug parking space to house those vehicles when not in used. Be sure to have ample spacing for each vehicle to avoid parking scratches due to narrow parking spaces. Also, it should be shady enough to protect the vehicles from heat, especially during noon time.


Ban hazardous items

Items that are hazardous to humans and vehicles should be strictly banned from the vehicles at all times.