Sprucing up your outdoor and patio can definitely do wonders for your home. By giving your outdoor a new look, you are giving your space a much needed curb appeal.

But thinking about it and doing it for real are two different things and it is not an easy task, even choosing the right furniture. To ease the burden of scouting for one, you can follow these tips:

  1. List down what you need

Before you pay a visit to any outdoor furniture Abu Dhabi supplier, you need to make a list first of the furniture and furnishings that you need. Having a list can save you time on choosing or picking pieces and save you from going overboard on your revamp budget. A simple list of the key pieces that you need will do. Consider the size of the space so you don’t cram all the furniture once you have them. A theme can also help you pick the key pieces that you need.


  1. Try it on

The best way to know the level of comfort that you need is to try the furniture out. Upon site visit, pick at least three furniture for each category and try it one. From there, you can decide which of the three is perfect based on the level of comfort.


  1. Choose pieces that are easy to maintain

Patio and outdoor furniture are harder to clean than your indoor furniture. Why? Since it is placed outside, it is susceptible to dust and other pollutants which can cause them to deteriorate early if not properly maintained. For your cleaning sake, choose pieces that are easy to maintain. Materials like teak and metal might be a good alternative.


  1. Check for quality

Furniture is  an investments as well and they are not cheap. So it a must that you pick pieces that will last long. Some homeowners choose plastic furnishings that look great on design. But this material is prone to early deterioration and will become brittle and fragile and you will need to replace them ASAP.


  1. Do not forget the colors

When taking in consideration the colors, do not hold back with the common colors. If you are opting for wood, there are wood finishes that are coated and painted and will match your color scheme. Same with metal furnishings, there are metal furniture that are spray painted with different colors.

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