Access control systems for industrial locations

Being a part of the management team of a business deems it necessary for you to keep an eye on all those who enter and exit at your industrial location. It is considered to be an element that holds critical importance considering the point of safety and security. Hiring security companies to maintain an entrance and exit log is considered to be an expensive solution. But now, thanks to access control systems in Abu Dhabi, things have become much easier. These systems are specifically designed to keep the unauthorized people away from your industrial location. With these, it will be possible for you to monitor the authorized entries and exits in a flawless manner.


Access control systems are based upon three main elements. The first one is a controller, the second one is a lock and the third one is the device that lets the user activate or deactivate the locks. These systems are programmed and configured through device software that is operated in a computer and can be acquired through security companies or even an it support in abu dhabi. This program is built to manage everything at the user end in a very user friendly manner. You can create new accounts and delete the previous one with the power to control the access. Along with this, there is a specific feature to check the entrance and exit logs.

The access device is just like a key. Depending upon the nature of the security required, there are a couple of configuration options available while setting up a specifically designed access control system for your industrial location. The simplest option while configuring a system is by entering the pass code. Every individual has his own passcode and it is not shared with anyone else. However, it is not considered to be the most secured system. On the other hand, there is the most “Biometric Scan” which is particularly known for the safety that it offers. The access device takes the fingerprint or thumb print of an individual and it is required to re-scan it on every entrance and exit. This is perhaps the most secure system as it is impossible to enter on another individual’s biometric particulars. Beside this, you can also trace the entrance and exit time of the workers and other staff members at an industrial location where it is hard to keep an eye on each of them.