5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Architects

An architect plays a major role in the construction of your building. Their expertise in design and planning can help you to construct a structure that meets your expectations but also appealing to the people who will see it.

But this project is a collaboration between the client and the architectural design consultants in Dubai. As a client, it your responsibility to be involve as much as possible. Leaving all the work to your consultants can lead to expectations not being met, and worse, failure to complete the project.

To ensure your involvement, set an appointment with your architect and be sure to ask these questions:

  1. What are the challenges of the project?

Most of the time, people talk more about the benefits and advantages of the project and construction and less about the bumps and risks. Before you know it, it is way too late and these risks become a massive problem. Discussing the project challenges with your architect would help you anticipate possible problems and create a plan of action.

  1. How can I be of help?

Sometimes, architects are a little bit embarrassed to ask their clients for help. Make the initial move and ask them how you can help with the process. Mostly, they will ask you for details about the design you preferred and the functionality that you want to add in design. Be sure to provide them everything they need so they will be able to create a design according to your preference.

  1. What is your timeline?

Every project needs to have a timeline. Without it, the project will prolong until you are financially drained. Be sure to ask your architect about the timeline and estimated time of completion. But you also need to ask the phases of the project. You need to know the tasks that they will accomplish in each phase. These details would let you know whether they are following the timetable and if there are any adjustments needed to be made in terms of completion and turnover date.

  1. Can I meet the team?

Most of the times, only the project managers and consultants will talk to you and give you an update about the project. The members of the team would be doing their job as is. But it wouldn’t hurt for you to know each and everyone before the project commenced. Your presence would a morale boost knowing that the client is meeting with them personally.

  1. What is the overall cost?

This is the big elephant in the room that both parties are probably too embarrassed to discuss. But as a client, you need to know how much you will shell out for the project. The architect would probably give you an estimate cost, but expect adjustments, especially when nearing project completion.

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