5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Renting LED Screen

LED screen can immensely help event organizers on their outdoor events. For one, an outdoor LED screen will be able to help relay audio-video materials to a large number of audience, from the people in the front, to the audience in the back.

Given the importance of this equipment, you need to ensure that you get the right one for your event. If you are in the process of renting one, be sure to keep these factors in mind:

  1. The quality of the screen

This might be a little technical for some people, it is important that you need to know this technicality as a client. It is your concern that the screen is of high-quality since the audience would be looking at it the whole time. Be sure to research about screen quality and other technical factors that would affect the quality of the screen. You might also want to ask respective providers for a quotation and the specs of the equipment.

  1. The size of the screen

Knowing the size of the screen in imperative, especially if you are conducting your event outside. You need to keep in mind that people will be looking on your LED wall the whole time, especially the crowd in the back. If the screen is too small, they might not appreciate the visuals and end up getting disappointed. It would be best to relay the information to your event stylist so you would know the LED wall dimension that you need.

  1. People who will operate it

LED screens come with manpower and operator. It is a must that you know the capability of the person to operate the equipment. Their years of experience and skills in their respective industry. You need a team of skilled LED operators that would be responsible for managing the equipment from start to finish.

  1. Materials that you will play

LED equipment might require a certain format of audio and video to play on their equipment. It would be best to know what would be the appropriate format that would play on their player. It would be best to ask the technician about the appropriate format.

  1. Ingress and egress

Logistics is important since your event stylist would need to plan how the ingress would go. Try to ask about how the installation and egress would go and ask your event organizer to coordinate with the provider to clear the ingress and egress.

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