How to maintain health as a voice over actor

Giving out your voice over services is no joke especially when your sole income depends on it. Which is why a voice over artist has to make sure that they are always ready for the recording, but little do we know, this preparation takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So, in order to help you out, here are a few tips which you must follow:

  • Stay hydrated. It is one of those tips which you would hear people saying to everyone. Hydration is the key to good health, especially to vocals. In order to keep your vocal chords lubricated instead of making it sound like a wheezing truck, mucus needs to be produced which keeps it soft and melodious.
  • You should avoid smoking at all costs because the smoke produced by the cigarette is something which can cause irritation in throat and can also change the pitch of your voice.
  • Use a humidifier around your home and office – especially workstation as it can help you in staying hydrated through the oxygen you inhale. This is necessary in winters as the air may dry out and you could sound raspy because of it.
  • Try to avoid clearing your throat. The reason is simple. When you clear it out too often, you may irritate your throat and it could lead to chronic inflammation. Try sipping on water if needed.
  • Do not yell at any cost because not only is it harmful for your emotional strength but it will also cause damage to your voice. We know it could be hard for sports fans but trust us the damage could not be repaired easily.
  • Keep your meals packed with herbal teas. They are a great way to maintain your voice and also keep the risks of swelling or irritant throat away. Try all different kinds of herbal teas and see which suits best for you.
  • If you want to be the perfect American voice over artist then we would highly recommend you to take your time when you fall sick or when your throat is not ready as it could badly affect your tuning. So give it rest and come back healthier.

Lastly, we would recommend you to not take stress at all as it could show up in your sound.