Tips to choose the right sofa

Are you also stuck between choosing the one for your living room? Do too many choices confuse you? Are you still thinking if the sofa should be dictating the look of the room? Wondering if colours should coordinate or contrast? Well, take a deep breath and try these tips to make your work easier for you:

  • Size matters

Consider the size of your living room and see if you are only willing to accommodate a sofa or are you also going to consider a side table, coffee table, a few nick nacks here and there. A huge sofa will surely occupy a lot of space but a small one will leave room for walking. If you are going for cozy living room vibes then choosing a decent sized sofa should work, while thinking of a cluttered look of the place, small sofa with different pieces of furniture and decor can also do wonders.

  • Positioning the sofa

You may think that this is the last step but you will be making a huge mistake if you don’t figure this out first. When you have the setting of the sofa in mind, you will be able to choose the kind which you want. Some sofas are rectangular and look like they are taking up a lot of space while other times the sofa is small and looks like you forgot to accommodate other pieces along with it.

  • Select your shape

As expected, rectangular sofas are the most popular but L shape is also gaining its popularity. When you have the position of sofa in mind, you will be able to choose the style of sofa knowing that it will fit the place. The shape also determines the size and this is where you need to be careful when choosing. Sofas are usually paired with a pretty coffee table in the middle and this is why the shape of both of them should be similar instead of looking out of the place.

  • Choose your colour and pattern

One huge mistake that most of the people make is that they choose a very bold colour to make their sofa stand out in the room when this shouldn’t be the case. It should blend right in with all the other things with a pretty sofa upholstery Dubai so that also doesn’t stand out making the place look odd.

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