Unheard Of Safety Tips To Prevent Car Robbery

Cars and vehicles are investment that should be taken care of. However, no matter how much you take good care of it, someone with bad intentions will try to take it from your or vandalized it.

To deter these individuals on doing something bad on your car, it would be best to follow these unusual safety tips to prevent car theft.


  • Armor your car

Armored cars are built not only to withstand assault abut it can also help on securing your vehicle. The one great advantage of armoring cars is that the security of your vehicle will also be upgraded. The safety features being added to the vehicles can help secure the passengers but also ensure that the vehicle will not be compromised in whatever situation. And when the security is hard to breach, it would be hard for car thieves to open the vehicle. So consider doing this on your car.


  • Invest on topnotch window glass and windshield

Car windows are that easily broken gives thieves access to the vehicle. To resolve this dilemma, get a thick and durable car window glass that are not easily broken, like what manufacturers used on bullet proof cars. This would prevent people with bad intentions from easily breaking in your car through your car window and windshield. As an added protection, you can also add car tint to prevent those prying eyes from peeking on the insides of your car.


  • Get a mobilizer system

Sometimes, car thief is smart enough to pass through the car alarm system and “hotwire” their way into your car. Remember, once they get inside your vehicle, they can do anything – from burglary and worse car theft. To prevent these individuals from taking your car, install an car immobilizer that has an ignition cut-off system that would prevent them from starting the vehicle.


  • Go for GPS

For some people, GPS is just an additional gadget that would take additional space from your car and something that drivers can live without. However, this gadget is essential for your car safety. In case that your vehicle is stolen, you can easily track where your vehicle is.


  • Have the police on speed dial

In any incident, you need to inform the authorities. So it would be best if you can have important numbers saved on your speed dial in case of any car emergencies. The number of police authorities, hospitals and ambulance response unit contact, and your loved ones should be there.