How to deal with your child’s first tooth loss

Losing tooth doesn’t have to be necessarily a scary experience when you know what to expect and what to do in such situations. It is definitely a milestone in your child’s life and this is why you should move ahead carefully by following these tips below for a better understanding and smarter steps as suggested by a pediatric dentist in Dubai:

  • Preparing for tooth loss is a thing

Even though it may seem that your child is pretty familiar with the concept of tooth fairy and how she takes away the lost tooth, it doesn’t mean that your child is ready for what’s forth coming. You will have to explain your child that tooth doesn’t instantly fall out but instead it will loosen up from its place and wiggle a bit. They should be aware of the process and there are some amazing tips out there to prepare your child for it.

  • Pulling out tooth is not an option

For every parent out there, you must know that pulling out tooth yourself is never a good idea. You can ask child to push it out with their tongue or finger and when they to this themselves, they know their pain threshold and know where to stop where as a person who isn’t dealing with the pain wouldn’t know if they are hurting them or helping.

  • Take gentle care of mouth after a tooth loss

This is very important as some parents would start suggesting their children to use a mouth wash which can be harsh at the place of tooth loss because it is swollen for a few days. Don’t brush the tooth loss very aggressively because the wound can be fresh and it can hurt. Instead try a simpler approach.

  • Tooth loss deserves a reward

The process of losing teeth and replacing them with new ones can be a bit scary and this is why children should be rewarded for a tooth loss. Either tooth fairy visits them at night or their parents appreciate them for withholding the pain praises should be made with small gifts so that the upcoming experience isn’t as scary anymore.

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