Needs of Dental Crowns

Our teeth are not only responsible for beautiful smiles and our perfect facial appearance but also play important role during food processing. With the passage of time, our food intake habits and nonsufficient hygiene and non-maintenance create different teeth and gum issues which further become responsible for tooth decay or loss of teeth. Dubai dental hospitals and clinics are providing the best dental services and treatments for all age groups. Emergency dental clinic in Dubai is available 24/7 at a very affordable price.

Dental Crown Needs and Requirement:

There are several situations in which a crowning is necessary:

  1. For protecting a weak tooth from breaking and or holding a cracked tooth from further break or lose.
  2. For restoring an already damaged or broken tooth.
  3. For providing proper cover and support to a tooth in which large filling is performed due to cavity.
  4. For holding a dental implant in place.
  5. For hiding or covering improper shaped or discolored tooth
  6. For covering or providing support to dental bridging
  7. For making a cosmetic surgery and modification

A crown may also be used on kids and babies on their primary teeth:

  • For saving a tooth or teeth from damage due to decay or cavity filling.
  • For protecting a child’s teeth from decay who doesn’t properly take care of the teeth hygiene.
  • To support a tooth till proper dental surgery as a child is too small to bear local or general anesthesia.

Types of Crowns

Crowns can be made from porcelain or resin if the patient wants look to be natural but it also can be made by stainless steel or other metal like gold, silver etc.

Stainless steel: These crowns are used on permanent teeth for short time period. These types of crown are helpful for protecting a tooth or filling till the new permanent crown is made from another material.

Metallic Alloys: These types of crowns are used with alloys of high intensity of gold or silver platinum, or any other metal alloys like cobalt or nickel mixed with chromium. They are useful in long-term wearing and chewing strength.

Porcelain Activated: Porcelain dental crowns are natural in teeth color and make your smile very sparkling and natural white tone. They are breakable but claim durability nearly 15 years with proper maintenance and hygiene care.

Resin: This material is less expensive as compared to porcelain and similarly more likely to become yellow over the time. But with proper care it can provide dental support up to nearly 6-8 years.

Ceramic with Porcelain: To make the porcelain look natural, strengthen and be less expensive, the combination of ceramic dental crowns is used. It is suitable for those people who are allergic to any metal.

Dental industry is technically getting advanced and now provides various types of solutions as per the defect to the teeth. So if you are searching for dental veneer or any type of dental implants in Dubai, you can find it right here, right now.