Enjoying The Flavors Of Hospitality Of Fujairah

When you think about it, UAE is a country that is known for its unique and incredible lifestyle. It is one of the very few countries in the GCC region that offers cutting edge lifestyle without costing you an arm and leg. Go to any other country in the region and you will find that things are not as smooth as in UAE. The expensive lifestyle is a bit too expensive in these countries and cheaper hotels are quite difficult to find. If you somehow find one, they’ll be truly cheap. In other words, these hotels will barely offer you basic facilities. Some of them don’t even have proper elevators, or escalators. Of course you didn’t travel all this way to stay in a hotel that barely offers you adequate facilities let alone decent ones.

Come back to UAE, and land at Fujairah airport, and you will breathe a sigh of relief. It is quite amazing to see how lifestyle changes the moment you step into this country. Even when you find cheap hotels, you end up in cheap hotels in Fujairah that are not at all cheap. You will find all basic facilities in these hotels from elevators to stand by generators. The rooms are adequately equipped with solid furniture and fixtures. The cleaning staff is alert 24 hours a day and will likely visit your room at least twice a day. You need not to call the staff and ask them to clean the room or bathrooms. It is going to be a great experience, something you will cherish for a long time. Not to mention the food you will eat here will likely remind you of those 5star hotels where you had stayed not a long time ago. This time though, you must be having a great time staying a decent but cheap hotel. In case you didn’t know, you can even book a ride from your room to another destination within the city. There is also a facility that allows you to go out of the state but to do that you will have to inform related authorities.

The casual evening trips are a norm and they make the bulk of your trip to Fujairah. You can spend them at the beach, at a park, or visit one of the many attractions located all over the city.

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