Sightseeing in Dubai

Just think about all those photos that you can post on Facebook and Instagram. Dubai has a lot of great things to see, only if you know about them. The common misconception is that Dubai is just a big beach and people do nothing but tan, swim, eat and sleep. If you are a huge fan of lazy vacations then maybe that’s all you will do. Don’t waste your trip on things that you can do back at home. Go out sightseeing and discover Dubai on your own. Don’t know what to see? It’s not an excuse because you are about to read about some great places that would be a shame to miss out.

Burj Khalifa

Did you even visit Dubai if you haven’t seen the tallest manmade structure in the whole world? The 828-meter tall building in the center of the city is hard to not notice. Not only is it the pride of Dubai but also the whole Middle East. From the observation deck on the 124th floor, opens up a breathtaking view of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

It’s wonderful what people can do with their hands, and Palm Jumeirah is one of these wonders. This manmade archipelago is a must-see in Dubai. The island is full of attractions for tourists from shopping malls to hotels and beach resorts.  Take the 6-lane highway bridge to get to Palm Jumeirah and witness another jewel of Dubai.

World Trade Center

Are you interested in corporate world or simply, want to visit a place where important decisions are made every day? Welcome to the World Trade Center. It is not another skyscraper that adds to the skyline of Dubai, it’s a place, where world-class companies meet. Maybe one day you will hold your own event in World Trade Center but for now, you can admire it.


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

I am sure that you have seen this hotel on postcards and on desktops and now, that you are in Dubai, you can see it in person. This sail-shaped hotel is one of the third tallest and most expensive hotels in the world. It is located on an artificial island and it’s connected to the land by a curving bridge.


Stop sitting around and doing nothing all day long, get up and walk around the city. If you’re afraid of heat then organize your sightseeing in the evening, Dubai is a lot more beautiful with its lights at night.