Things You Should Know About Passport And Immigration To Dubai

Whether you are a businessman or a visitor from UK, there are several things that you need to know beforehand. Unlike several places in the world, Dubai immigration authority has kept entering and exiting the city quite simple. You can enter Dubai even when you have two or more passports. If you are a businessperson, you may often be looking for a swift entry into several countries around the world. To make is easy, you should apply for a second passport so that you don’t run into any troubles while entering any destination.

All you need to do is to fill out an application asking the authorities to grant you another passport. Though it sounds simple, it is far from easy. You will require service of a professional immigration consultancy firm to complete the task. Here is more on what should you do to get the second passport UK:

Fast Process

The process from writing to processing the application for a second passport is fast, provided you have related documents at your disposal. If not, the consultancy firm might ask you to submit all documents by a certain deadline. Off course, carrying required documents will only help accelerate the process and you will have the second visa in your hands sooner than later. Keep in mind the getting the second visa, UK in this case, is subject to the permission and verification of UK embassy in Dubai.




Having a secondary passport can bring you many advantages. Holder of the second passport offers you several advantages. For instance, you can move to another country whenever you want without having to explain the reason. Also, a second passport also helps you during frequent travels to various destinations across the world. During turmoil or political unrest in your country, you can use the second passport to leave for that country with your family. In other words, there are countless benefits of having a second passport. It would be better if you could apply for UK passport as your second destination. Doing so will allow you to make business and casual trips to UK. Just fill out the second passport cyprus and wait for the process to complete.